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DATES PRO is an organic growth elixir that we have prepared for crop cultivation. An organic alternative to Urea, DATES PRO is a 360 degree plant food recipe which will provide each and every essential nutrient which the plants need to grow healthier, stronger and ultimately increase output.

  • 360 degrees plant food recipe covers each and every essential nutrient in organic form

  • Helps cell division, cell elongation, tillering and vegetative growth

  • Helps in stress tolerance and withstand adverse abiotic conditions

  • Imparts better organoleptic qualities

  • Induces better flowering and reduces flower dropping

  • Helps better grain formation, better fruiting and yield

  • Maintains the integrity of the soil

Mode of Action

DATES PRO consists of bioactive humic and fulvic substances of vermicompost origin. It consists of cytokinins, auxins, betaines and gibberellins that are derived from seaweed fermentation. It consists of biologically derived N,P,K and trace elements from vermi compost and seaweed which aid in better root and shoot growth and supplement the plant with essential nutrients at critical stages of crop growth. Free from Salmonella, Shigella , E.Coli.

DATES PRO is compatible with fertilisers Pesticides Fungicides

Dosage and method of application

Drip system : Take 12 liters of DATE PRO and mix thoroughly with plain water and apply drip area planting 1 hectare. Apply once at planting and again at flowering stage.

Drenching System : Apply DATE PRO dropwise to the main source of water for planting. Let normal water up to 10 minutes and then start the soaked DATE PRO.

Dosage : 12 Liters / Hectare Apply once at planting time or another flowering stage.

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging : 1 Liter Bottle.

All cover crops should be cut down and used before they get to make seeds or fruits, but after they begin to flower. Still, this doesn’t mean that they can’t feed you as well, or that you can’t get at least a bite out of them in the process. [Read more]

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