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Root Enhancers with Mycorrhizal fungi


Improve the root system of all crops using the power of Mycorrhizal Fungi. This magic fungus will build a symbiotic relationship with the roots of many crops and increase the rhizosphere of that plant.


The organic content in the root enhancers improves the structure of the soil. A mycorrhiza liquid works as a fantastic growth enhancer as it increases the ability of the soil to hold essential nutrients for a long. It goes deep into the roots, thereby ensuring quality soil health for healthy and dense produce.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Root enhancers improve plant growth?

It contains good microbes which encourage root development and protect the plants from harmful soil organisms.

At what particular plant age do Root Enhancers can be used?

Root enhancers are best to use at an early plant age. 1 week after tranplanting. 1 week after plant emergence for direct seeding.

Is there any difference in the efficacy of Mycorrhiza Powder and Mycorrhiza liquid?

These mycorrhiza products are just the same functions but Liquid mycorrhiza tends to work faster than powder mycorrhiza.

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