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Indogulf Biotechnology Company - Integrated microbial blends containing a consortium of beneficial microbes and essential nutrients that will boost the growth of your crops exponentially

In the modern world, we tend to think of microbes negatively, as causes of disease and decomposition, and everything from hand soap commercials to our current (and not still ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic reminds us of the dangers that small, microscopic creatures can bring to our lives. While these dangers are very real and shouldn’t be underestimated, neither should be the fact that there are thousands of species of microbes out there that are not only harmless but beneficial to us. They help human beings digest their food, boost their immune system, and outcompete harmful microbes — and they do so for plants too. They form the microbiome of the soil that feeds them, of the roots that sustain them, and of the branches and leaves that allow them to thrive flower, and produce the world’s food.  Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these microbes doing to my plants?

Microbes enhance soil proficiency to promote a healthier plant growth.

Can we still spray herbicides and pesticides in combination with microbial blends?

No, they are not compatible to use together with herbicides and pesticides

How do the microbial blends improve plant growth?

Microbial blends improve plant growth by enhancing the availability of nutrients, the regulation of phytohormones, and increasing plant tolerance against stresses. It also acts as a biofertilizer, increasing macro and micronutrient availability.

Do we need to wear protective clothing when mixing and applying microbial blends?

Yes, wearing protective clothing is nesecesarry in any farm activities. This is an SOP whatever type of materials used.

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