Improves aeration, increases soil fertility & crop growth

There’s a world of complexity. behind the simple truth that every agricultural system of production needs a good fertilization scheme. Things go out, things go in to replace them, and as such for every pound or kilogram of produce that comes off from a piece of land, a proportional amount of fertilizer, water and labour must be put right back in. Water and labor are the least complicated, however, when compared with soil fertilizers: there’s a myriad of types, presentations and instructions for usage, and not all of them equally good for the specific conditions of each farmer. A good fertilizer for soil will, at the same time, stimulate the growth of the plants and preserve the delicate microbiology of the soil; all the many mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria that bring such tremendous benefits to the grower as lessening the impact of droughts, increasing nutrient absorption and fending off pests, among others. A good fertilizer for plants, will, in short, be sustainable — it should be good for today, tomorrow and the day after.

At Indogulf Bioag we are experts of plant fertilization, producing a range of the best fertilizers for plants currently available in the market. Where other fertilizers err on being too diluted or too strong, either leaving their purpose of stimulating growth unfulfilled or causing environmental hazards by fertilizer runoff, our products are tested and presented in the exact concentration that plants require to absorb all nutrients without allowing for waste. Coupled with the strains of beneficial bacteria that our products contain (commonly known as ‘plant probiotics’, owing to their capabilities for improving plant growth, resilience and, ultimately, yield), the fertilizers in our range of products guarantee excellent results, every single time.

  • Our Bio-Manure fertilizer is designed to suit the basic needs of an organic farmer, acting as the powerhouse of any fertilization scheme. Containing the entirety of the nutrients required for healthy plant growth and fruitful yielding, it is a mixture of vermicompost and extracts of seaweed fermentation that respects the physico-chemical properties of the soil over which it is applied, in addition to all the mainline benefits of what is probably the best organic liquid fertilizer in the market.

  • Fermogreen is a fertilizer produced to impart the specific benefit of improving soil aeration and water retention capabilities, by enhancing soil structure through the action of the beneficial bacteria (Nitrosomonadales, Rhizobiales) it contains. In addition to this, it fulfills its main task as a fertilizer by infusing the soil with sixteen micro and macro essential nutrients.

  • Bio-Manna, in turn, presents all the macronutrients and an array of micronutrients, coupled with an array of beneficial bacteria specially designed to improve the absorption of two nutrients that are often deficient in most soils around the world: nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). It adds to regular fertilization schemes by specially targeting these deficiencies whenever they may appear in a soil.

  • On the other hand, our Revive-Bio targets soils that have been degraded by previous usage of chemical fertilizers, presenting a specific mix of bacteria (Azotobacter chroococcum, Acetobacter aurantius, Paenibacillusmucilaginosus, Bacillus megaterium var. phosphaticum, Streptomyces gelaticus, Ensifermeliloti and Pseudomonas striata) that helps stabilize losses to pests by contributing to microbial diversity and performing pesticidal functions, improves soil structure and water retention capability, reduces environmental stress and the impact of changing climatic conditions and removes harmful substances in the soil (often useful nutrients, but present at levels at which they become toxic to the plants) by decomposing them and favoring their gradual absorption. It can be found in both liquid and powdered presentations, to suit better the methods of application of each individual grower.

  • Finally, our Neem-Manure rolls all the advantages of a nematicide and a fertilizer into one, by exploiting the natural nematocidal properties of the Neem tree (Azadirachta indica) as are found present in its seeds. Once these seeds are crushed for the extraction of the oil they contain, at Indogulf we repurpose the crushed kernels by grounding them into a fine powder that contains high amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and all the defensive properties that neem oil presents against nematodes as agents of disease. Not only it does this, but also increases the organic matter and carbon content of the soil in the process, and, above all, respects and even favors the growth and multiplication of earthworms, which are essential part of any healthy soil but result often damaged from the application of mainstream nematicides.

In addition to all of the above, all of our organic fertilizers are entirely and completely organic, respectful of the microbial ecosystem of the soil and, above all, designed to do the job they’re supposed to (that’s what it’s all about in the end, isn’t it?). With each of our products also comes a detailed guide on how to apply fertilizer from our range of products to your crops, to make sure that they are used adequately and maximize their efficiency under every possible form of usage. Whatever your needs are, and whatever your concerns might be here at Indogulf we have them covered — just as covered as healthy roots in healthy soil.

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