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Nano Phosphorus (P) Fertilizers
Recommended to be used for all crops

Nano Phosphorus fertilizer is a customized liquid phosphorus nutrient premix containing particulates of ionized phosphorus embedded in a colloidal amino acid matrix; along with phytase and phosphate enzymes for use in agricultural fertilization programs and animal feed supplementation.

  • Increase water absorption and lipid solubility of the mineral nutrient

  • Non-toxic to the plants

  • Rebuilds tired nutrition through re-mineralization

  • High solubility and bioavailability

  • Improved plant health and increases the level of energy, water and nutrient holding capacity

  • Nano Technology will help making P in small quantities to replace of bags of P Fertilize

  • Responsible in capturing and converting the sun's energy into useful plant compounds

  • Stimulates root development necessary for the plant to get nutrients from the soil

  • Responsible for crop maturity at the right time. Plants that lack phosphorous take time to mature and when they do, the fruits or seeds they bear are few and poor in quality.

  • Helps to prevent and to fix phosphorus deficiency in the cultivated crops

  • Helps reduces the intensity of chlorosis, withering in patches, formation of abnormal leaves, increases crop tolerance to diseases and boost growth

Composition/Technical Specifications
Dosage and method of Application

8 – 16 ml per liter of water for spraying, sprinkler or drip, to be applied during

  • before sowing

  • when the crop is 1 – 2 weeks old

  • one week before flowering

  • 1 – 2 weeks before harvest


Compatible with chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides except for Calcium Ammonium Nitrate

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging :  5 Ltx2/Corrugated Cardboard Box

Symptoms of Phosphorus Deficiency
  • Stunted plants and yield affected 

  • Older leaves are affected first and may acquire a purplish discoloration 

  • leaf tips will brown and die appear weak and maturity is delayed 

  • development of chlorosis as well as necrotic patches on the leaf margin

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Product Information

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