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Bio-Manna is an organic manure produced through decomposition of selected biomass, in a scientific manner with naturally occurring beneficial bacteria for effective Nitrogen / Phosphorus fiing. Additionally, the product is enriched with readily accessible Micro & Macro Nutrients for the better Root & Shoot Growth of the plant.


Bio-Manna is in the form of concentrated Organic liquid combines Readily accessible nutrients like N,P,K, Mg, Ca, S B, Fe, Mo, Zn, Mn, Cu fortified with Nitrogen / Phosphorus fixing Bacteria and essential enzymes.


  • Improves Soil Fertility

  • Beneficial in fruit production

  • Acts as plant tonic

  • Supports insect control

Dosage and method of Application

Dosage : 12 Litres / Hectare.

Drip System : Take 12 Litres of Bio Manna and mix thoroughly with plain water and apply drip area planting 1 hectare. Apply once at planting and again at flowering stage.

Drenching System : Apply Bio Manna drop wise to the main source of water for Planting. Let normal water up to 10 minutes and then start the soaked BIO-MANNA.

Shelf Life & Packaging


Shelf life: Best before 24 months, Stored at room temperature.
Packaging: 1 Litre bottle

To know more about organic fertilizers visit soil fertilizers.

The advantages of using cover crops to protect the soil and produce bio-manure are known to be many: nutrient scavenging in poor soils, soil protection from erosion, nitrogen fixation (can’t get enough legumes in a garden, can’t you?), [Read more]

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