Insecta Repel is a biological control agents for larvae stages of certain dipterans. Bti produces toxins which are effective in killing various species of mosquitoes, fungus gnats, and blackflies, while having almost no effect on other organisms. Indeed, this is one of the major advantages of B. thuringiensis products in general is that they are thought to affect few nontarget species.

Dosage and method of application

Liquid Dosage : 5-10 ml per square metre of stagnant water - 5 to 10 Lt per Ha

Wettable powder formulation : 18,000 IU/mg 5-10 g per Sq Mt water

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging : 1 Liter Bottle, 1 Kg. Pouch & Bulk Order.