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Nano Anpeekay Fertilizers

Nano Anpeekay Fertilizer is a customized liquid nutrient premix containing colloidal particulates of phosphorus, colloidal particulates of potassium, embedded in a colloidal amino acid matrix; along with, protease, phytase, and phosphatase enzymes for use in Agricultural fertilization programs and animal feed supplementation. 

This blend has been delicately handled to ensure the full benefit of a boost to the metabolism of high-performance ruminants, poultry, fish, prawn, agricultural crops in a safe naturally occurring manner.

  • Improve plant health

  • Increases the level of energy, water and nutrient holding capacity

  • Improves plants resistance against pest and diseases

  • It works well in alkaline and neural soils

  • Supplemental for missing nutrients of the plants

  • Water soluble and bioavailability

Composition/Technical Specifications
How it Works
  • Nano Anpeekay Fertilizers are totally bioavailable and enter into the plant system as a bio encapsulated molecule in whole and results in no antagonisms.

  • Natural Ionised Phosphorus and Ionised Potassium and Colloidal Protein successfully combined with a biopolymer.

  • The biopolymer employed by us is based on three natural organic polymers which exist in all living animals.

  • This product is totally bio assimilable as a whole without breaking up and will also improve the performance of the microflora that may be present in the soil, plant, or GI tract of animals.

Dosage and method of Application

8 – 16 ml per liter of water for spraying, sprinkler or drip, to be applied during

  • before sowing

  • when the crop is 1 – 2 weeks old

  • one week before flowering

  • 1 – 2 weeks before harvest


Compatible with chemical fertilisers and chemical pesticides.

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging :  25 Liters

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Product Information

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