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Indogulf BioAg - Organic Fertilizer

Trichoderma Harzianum - Manufacturer & Exporter in USA

TH-DERMA Bio Fungicide is a product containing Trichoderma Harzianum and Antagonistic Fungus with a spore load of 2 x 10CFU / Gm. It is effective in controlling both seed and soil-borne pathogens, causing damping-off, root rot, and wilt diseases. The product is free from fungal contamination and has a shelf life of 12 months.


Trichoderma Harzianum – 2 x 106 CFU / Gm

  • Control Fungal diseases like Fruit rot caused by Botrytis spp and other fungal pathogens attacking the crops.

  • TH-DERMA effectively controls most of the economically important fungal diseases like Fruit rot caused by Botrytis spp. Effectively controls nematodes like Root knot nematodes and Remiform.

  • Banana, Cotton : Pathogenic Fungi, Seed borne Diseases

  • Cabbage, Chillies, Marigold, Paddy : Collar Rot, Damping off, Pathogenic Fungi, Root Rot, Wilt

  • Cauliflower : Collar Rot, Damping off, Root Rot, Wilt

  • Citrus, Grapes, Ginger, Groundnut, Ornamental Flowers, Pepper, Pomegranate, Tea, Tomato, Turmeric : Pathogenic Fungi

  • Jawar, Okra, Sunflower, Pulses Wheat : Seed Borne Diseases

Mode of Action
  • Trichoderma Harzianum suppresses the growth of the pathogen population in the rhizosphere through competition and thus reduces disease development.

  • It produces antibiotics and toxins which have a direct effect on other organisms.

  • The antagonist (Trichoderma) hyphae either grow along the host hyphae or coil around it and secrete different lytic enzymes such as chitinase, glucanase, and pectinase that are involved in the process of mycoparasitism.

  • Trichoderma harzianum produces toxins that have a nematicidal property and are thus used as an effective nematicide and Boost germination rate.

  • Increase in shoot & Root length Solubilizing various insoluble forms of Phosphates Augment Nitrogen-fixing.

Dosage and method of Application

Foliar application : Mix 10gms of TH-DERMA powder in adequate quantity of water and use it for foliar spray. Spray volume depends on crop canopy.

Soil application : Mix 50 Kgs of TH-DERMA powder with sufficient quantity of organic fertiliser and apply to the root zone of the plants in 1 acre of land. 

Root dipping for Nursery application : Mix 10gms of TH-DERMA with 1 Liter of water and use to dip roots of the plants overnight. 

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging : 1 Kg. Pouch.

Trichoderma fungi are an efficient, cost-effective, and selective means for the biological control of fungal diseases, bacterial diseases, and even nematodes, as through their own growth they outcompete, parasite, and create resistance in plants against damaging pathogens. [Read more]

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