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Nano Zinc Fertilizer
Recommended to be used for Rice, Sugarcane, Orchards, Vegetables, Medicinal and Aromatic plants.

Nano Zinc Fertilizer is a customized liquid zinc nutrient mix containing particulates of ionized zinc embedded in a colloidal amino acid matrix; for use in agricultural fertilization programs and animal feed supplements. It is an important component of various enzymes that are responsible for driving many metabolic reactions in all crops.

Nano Zn is an essential micronutrient for plant life. Its primary function is to help with several biochemical processes in the plant, including chlorophyll production and membrane integrity.

  • Highly used for the treatment of zinc deficiency and stimulates plant growth 

  • Essential to carbohydrate metabolism 

  • A functional cofactor of a large number of enzymes including auxins (plant growth hormones)

  • Essential to protein synthesis and internodal elongation (stem growth) 

  • Functions as a metal activator for plant enzymes, particularly growth regulators 

  • Nano Technology will help making Zn in small quantities to replace of bags of Zn Fertilizer

Composition/Technical Specifications
Dosage and method of Application

In Agriculture: As Zn Source:

  • 10L Nano Zn can replace 100 kg Zinc sulphate monohydrate ZnSO4.H2)

  • Foliar Spray: Dissolve 0.5 ml in a liter of water and spray on both the surface of the leaves. Can be sprayed anytime.

  • Soil Application: 2.5 L per acre and apply during sowing or transplanting


In Animal Feeds:

150 ml per 1 Ton of feed or 1 ml per 1L in drinking water


Compatible with chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging :  25 Liters

Symptoms of Zinc Deficiency
  • Reduced root growth and activity 

  • Lower microbial activity in the soil which decreases zinc release from soil organic matter 

  • Plants are stunted and shows dusty brown spots on upper leaves 

  • New leaves are often smaller and narrower 

  • Show delayed maturity, short internodes and a decrease in leaf size 

  • Presence of mottled leaves with irregular chlorotic areas.

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Product Information

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