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Nano Hydromax Fertilizers
Recommended for Trees Flowers, Vegetables & Fruits and Hydroponics

Nano hydromax fertilizer is a single product designed to provide all the nutrients required by plants in a liquid form with constituents such as basic elements like (N)Nitrogen, (P)Potassium, and (K)Phosphorus.

  • Recommended for Hydroponics because of its liquid state and very soluble in water

  • Ionic form and is free from other elements like Chlorine which form mineral salts.

  • Promotes strong and a healthy plant

The requirement varies between the growth phase and reproductive phase. Also, it varies from species to species. It is also dependent on temperature, soil pH, and water substrate.  Farmers may need to use other fertilizers if required when the plants show such deficiency symptoms if any. We give individual Mineral nutrients also.

Composition/Technical Specifications
Dosage and Method of Application

Depends on the crops, area, and sizes, depending on the method of fertilization.


Compatible with chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life: Best before 24 months, Stored at room temperature.
Packaging: 5 Ltx2/Corrugated Cardboard Box.

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Product Information

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