ARMY WORMS - Rice Protect Kit


A full grown caterpillar is dull green in colour with four longitudinal stripes and an orange or brown head . Caterpillars feed on the leaves and in severe infestation entire seed beds and fields are destroyed and the fields appears as if it has been grazed by animals /cattles. The larvae feed voraciously in the night and hide in the soil during the day time.



  • Regular survey of crop at and before maturity. Keep the field under water through proper water management.
  • Place straw beds in the fields at several locations. Collect /destroy hiding caterpillars.
  • Spray the Bunds with pesticides to prevent migration of pest from one plot to another

Biological Control

Our WORMPROTEC @ 200 ml/Acre by diluting in 200 L Water using high volume power sprayer and our ANNSQUA PROTEC @ 400 ml/Acre by diluting in 200 L Water using high volume power sprayer.


Shelf Life & Packaging

Storage : Store in a cool dry place at Room Temperature.
Shelf life : 24 Months from date of manufacture.
Packaging : 1 Litre & above


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