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This fungal diseases affect the crop at all growing stage viz nursery, tillering and flowering. The disease affects the leaves, nodes and panicles of rice plant. Typical symptoms on leaves are spindle or eye-shaped spots with grey centres. Nodes of infected culms turn black and break due to rotting. Neck of the panicles also rot leading to chaffy grains or breaking of panicles.

  • Avoid heavy dose of nitrogen fertilisers. Use only recommended doses.

  • Use resistant varieties.

Biological Control

Use our Consortium of B.subtilis and Pseudomonas Fluorscens @ 1 Kg /Acre by diluting in 200 L Water using high volume power sprayer

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging : 1 Kg. each & above

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