100% All Natural Nutrient Kit for Growing Cannabis

3 Easy Steps to Grow Kind Sized Buds

  • ROOT X
  • GROW X

Stage 1 : ROOT X

Inoculate the soil with this myco-active formula, to gain an early advantage in your crop cycle. Longer roots means a greater rhizosphere. Hence, ensuring that your plant will be able to maximize it's nutrients uptake, resulting in strong and healthy growth and bloom cycle.

Dosage and method of application

Dosage : 4kgs per acre

Soil Treatment : Mix 4kgs of ROOT X powder in 50 Kgs of well decomposed fym, compost, vermi-compost or field soil. Spread the mixture uniformly in 1 acre of land.

Application Frequency : Treat the soil before sowing and repeat 30 days after sowing.

Stage 2 : GROW X

Once at it's vegetative state, your plant needs the most amount of nutrients, especially Nitrogen to boost it's growth and grow healthy foliage. GROW X consists of a perfect blend of NPK fixing bacteria with a higher concentration of Azotobacter, which ensures your plants receive all the Nitrogen it needs by fixing it in the soil & roots.

Dosage and method of application

Dosage : Mix 10ml of GROW X with 10L of water.

Foliar and Soil Spray : Dilute the GROW X Liquid with water, shake or stir gently (for better result, leave it for an hour) and then spray over the leaves and soil surface (the best is at the radicle areas of your plants). Volume of fertilized water will vary with size of crop canopy.

Note for first Spray : After mixing up with water, the fertilized water volume must be equivalent to the volume of traditional solid fertilizer. For better effects users are recommended to loosen the soil prior to application & it is encouraged to re-loosen again a couple of months later.

Application : Treat soil once before sowing.

Stage 3 : BLOOM X

Once these babies are ready to bloom, we must reduce the nitrogen content in the soil, and increase the potassium & phosphorus content, for the plant to flower and produce resin heavy buds. This organic nutrient kit will feed your plants with exactly what it needs to achieve this, and ultimately grow king sized buds.

Dosage and method of application

Seed Treatment : Mix 20 ml of BLOOM X Liquid in 500 ml of water thoroughly. With this mix 15kgs of seeds till all the seeds are uniformly coated. Dry the seeds in Shade before sowing.

Root Dip Treatment : Mix 40 ml of BLOOM X Liquid in 5 Liters of water and dip the roots before planting for 1 acre. Or prepare a small bed in field and add 40ml of Multi-Bio Liquid with water ½ inch depth. Dip the roots of the plants to be planted for 1 acre in this suspension for 8 to 12 hours before planting.

Main Field Application : Mix 40 ml in 20 Liters and treat soil via drip system for 1 acre of land.

Application Frequency : For main field application, treat soil before sowing and once again at flowering stage.

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging : ROOT X - 1 Kg. Pouch, GROW X & BLOOM X - 1 Liter Bottle.



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