MYCORRHIZAL FUNGI is a natural and plant friendly fungi suitable for use on all flowering plants, trees, shrubs and edibles.

Within four weeks after application, these fungi colonize the structure of the plant roots, to form a connection that facilitates a 2-way nutrient exchange. MYCORRHIZAL FUNGI essentially extends the root system of their associated plants extending it's rhizosphere, so as to help the plants easily draw in nutrients, minerals, and water from afar.


What plants is mycorrhizal fungi good for?

When used during planting or transplanting mycorrhizal fungi is hugely beneficial for almost all plants, it is highly regarded for aiding roses but with such wide ranging benefits it is great for almost all plants.

Key Product Features

INCREASE ROOT SIZE - RootMax contains Mycorrhizal Fungi which will colonize the roots of the plant and will develop a secondary root system, overall increasing the size of the roots by 3 to 5 times. This will increase the rhizosphere of the plant, helping it draw nutrients and water from afar.

STRONGER & HEALTHIER PLANTS - With a stronger and much larger root system, the plant is able to draw more essential nutrients from the soil. As a result, the plant will be far more stronger and healthier.

OVERCOME ADVERSE CONDITIONS - As the root system is larger, and the plant grows healthier, it is able to effectively overcome adverse weather conditions and stress taking ability. Extreme cold or draught conditions can be overcome by the plant.

100% NATURAL & ORGANIC - RootMax contains Mycorrhizal Fungi, which is 100% natural and organic containing absolutely zero synthetic nutrients. RootMax reduces the need for additional plant food by the plant.

GREATER FLOWERING & YIELD : With a larger root system, the plant is able to draw greater nutrients and water. As a result, during it's flowering stage the plant is able to grow healthier flowers, fruits and bulbs.

Powder Dosage

Sprinkle ROOTMAX evenly into the base of the planting hole, so that the powder is in direct contact with the roots. For seeds and bulbs, cover the powder with a small amount of soil and plant as normal.

Pot Size No. of 10ml Scoops
2L 2
5L 3
10L/15L 7
25L 12
50L 16

Liquid Dosage

Shake the bottle well before use. ROOTMAX Liquid should be mixed with clean water in a plastic container as per the dosage instructions below, and mixed thoroughly before pouring the mixture into the planting soil.

Qty Water Dilution Pot Size
5ml 250ml 2 L
10ml 500ml 5 L
20ml 750ml 10 L / 15 L
40ml 1 L 25 L
80ml 2 L 50 L

Determine the size of the potting area. Do not water immediately after the application. Wait 6-8 hours or until the next day. Treat plants once every two months.


ROOTMAX is compatible with all natural fertilisers. The mycorrhizal fungi are unaffected by most commercially available fungicides, although these must be avoided in the first four weeks. Once opened, store in a cool, dry place. If stored correctly, the product can be used up to one year after opening. Keep away from children and pets. Do not inhale.


Storage: Store in a cool dry place at Room Temperature.
Shelf life Drenching Syste: 24 Months from date of manufacture.
Powder : 200gms Pouch & 1 Kg. Jar, Bulk order on request.
Liquid : 500ml & 1 Litre, Bulk order on request.

Legal Disclaimer Description : For gardening and agricultural use only. Not for human intake.


200gms Powder
1 Kg. Powder
500ml Liquid


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