Micromax Product
Recommended to be used for all crops

Micromax is an ionized micronutrients embedded in a near nano size amino acid and further encapsuted with biopolymers and PUFA.

Micromax is a blend that has been delicately handled to ensure the full benefit of a boost to metabolism of high-performance ruminants, poultry, fish, prawn, agricultural crops etc, in a safe naturally occurring manner.

Indogulf Biotechnology Company

  • Most effective in foliar spray and drip fertilization 

  • Helpful in cases of malabsorption conditions 

  • Cost effective 

  • Improved levels for energy, water and nutrient holding capacity 

  • Improved plant resistance against pest and diseases 

  • Improved plant health 

  • Reduces input cost through efficiency

Composition/Technical Specifications
Dosage and method of Application

Use MICROMAX (Colloidal Trace Minerals) from day 1 till flowering as soil drench/drip/sprinkle/foliar spray once in 15 days @ 5 ml/L water; 25 ml / Coconut Tree


Compatible with all chemical fertilizers, biofertilizers, bio-pesticides, chemical pesticides, micro nutrients and PGRs

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 18months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging : 5 Ltx2/Corrugated Cardboard Box.

A study noted that plants use only up to 50% of all the nitrogen and phosphorus solubilising that is provided to them by fertilizers unless they are grown and fertilized using specific conservation techniques, and their growth is paired with that of microorganisms such as mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria. [Read more]


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