bio-manna bio fertilizer all natural Beneficial in fruit production and plant tonic

Product Overview

BIO-MANNA is an organic manure produced through decomposition of selected biomass, in a scientific manner with naturally occurring beneficial bacteria for effective Nitrogen / Phosphorus fiing. Additionally, the product is enriched with readily accessible Micro & Macro Nutrients for the better Root & Shoot Growth of the plant.


BIO-MANNA is in the form of concentrated Organic liquid combines Readily accessible nutrients like N,P,K, Mg, Ca, S B, Fe, Mo, Zn, Mn, Cu fortified with Nitrogen / Phosphorus fixing Bacteria and essential enzymes.



  • Improves Soil Fertility
  • Beneficial in fruit production
  • Acts as plant tonic
  • Supports insect control

Dosage and method of Application

Dosage : 5 Liters / Acre.

Drip System: Take 5 Liters of Bio-Manna and mix thoroughly with plain water and apply via drip irrigation system to a planting area of 1 Acre

Drenching System : Mix the Bio-Manna to the main source of water for irrigating the planting area. First moist the soil using normal water for up to 10 minutes and then apply the water mixed with Bio-Manna.

Application Frequency : Once at planting and again at flowering stage.

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.
Packaging : 1 Litre Bottle.

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