Verticillium lecanii is now an approved name of an entomopathogenic fungus species, that was previously widely known as Verticilliumlecanii . Insects are infected when they come into contact with the sticky fungal spores which then grow and invade the body, thus the internal organs are consumed, leading to their death. In horticulture and agriculture, "V. lecanii" isolates were developed for controlling insect pests such as whitefly, thrips and aphids.The fungus infects insects by producing hyphae from germinating spores that penetrate the insect's integument, the fungus then destroys the internal contents and the insect dies. Verticillium lecanii is known as a "white-halo" fungus because of the white mycelial growth on the edges of infected scale insects.

Shelf Life & Packaging

Shelf life : Best before 24 months, Stored in room temperature.

Packaging : 1 Kg. each & above