We understand that the world’s food consumption is on the rise and by 2035, the production of food must be doubled. With limited arable land available, the only means of achieving this in a sustainable manner, is by tapping into the power of nature.


Our integrated multi-nutrient solutions provide growers around the world with coverage on all fronts, for their crops. We have created specialized formulas that are targeted towards the 5 primary action areas of your growth cycle, so as to maximize yield – Soil, Roots, Growth, Boost & Protect.

Why we are the ideal crop nutrition partners for agriculturists around the world :

We specialize in:

  • State of the art research & manufacturing facility – from fermentation to formulation
  • Decades of experience in exporting our products to distributors world-wide
  • Global registrations & certifications for biological products

Indogulf BioAg is the dedicated bio-technology division set-up under the Indogulf Group. We are pioneers in the development of biological Inoculant, organic fertilizer and mycorrhiza (VAM). Our research & manufacturing facility is located in Salem, a town in South India, that is known for it’s rich underground water supply, which makes it an ideal hub for bio-technology.